After MealPundit, its time for another foodie startup.

NeedGrub - An online food guide is very similar to Meals Pundit and surely a competitor. It offers similar services in terms of the restaurants and other food hang outs but has a far more spread out reach and covers more regions that MealPundit. Besides the online guide, it has also pages dedicated to food events so if you want to find out where is the most delicious buffet going to happen on this sunday - NeedGrub is the place to check.

NeedGrub also scores over MealPundit over its ease of use both for the users and audience - with user friendly and dynamic pages restaurant owners can add their specialities, restaurant details, special events etc.

Thats not all, all the connosuiers can add their foodie reviews and help the other foodies know which is the place to be for a evening snack & by writing reviews you are not just helping other hungry souls but also making yourself eligible to win a NeedGrub T Shirt.

Though there's not much difference in terms of concept, NeedGrub surely has packaged it wonderfully well and surely scores above its competitors.

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