Meal Pundit

After having search engines for almost all the things on earth, its time to cater to the man's basic needs (not talking about that... )

Meals Pundit is an end to end food junction with options to search your favorite restaurants, know your cuisines and other foodie stuff. So you will find places to search coffee bars/pubs/pizza parlours etc and also find receipes for chinese food/gujrati food etc. And as a token of "pls. comeback to my site" meals pundit also have contests of the month, monthly health tips and monthly myth buster. Ater covering Delhi, Pune and Chennai the next destination for meals pundit is Mumbai.

A decent startup on a very sensitive issue - Meals :) Know more by checking


Anonymous said...

That is great! I read about this new eat out for pastries, food, shakes, faloodas etc on I haven been there yet! Read about it here. How to add this to meal pundit list?