creADivity - TATA NEN Hottest Startups

creADivity has been nominated in TATA NEN Hottest Startups list and after winning TiE EAP last July this is its second such achievement. Currently ranked 148 amongst 500+ startups, creADivity is an online marketing and advertising platform. To know more on creADivity hit and if you feel it deserves a vote - hit login and vote!

Bamboo House India

Moving away from the commercial ventures, Bamboo House is a venture started with an intention of providing livelihood to rural artisans and craftsmen in the bamboo sector. Bamboo house provides a platform for buying & selling bamboo products and hence helping many Indian farmers survive. Bamboo House also provides training and support to the craftsmen and by creating market and awareness provides them with a platform to sell. The products include furniture, curtains, carvings etc - all made by Bamboo! Started by Prashant Lingam Bamboo House had NMBA-CII-APTDC-IIT(D)-AP Forest Dept funding an exclusive bamboo showroom in Hyderabad and IL&FS & TBM agreeing to support marketing initiatives of Bamboo House. To read more hit


Ever wondered having an online puja in your place or having a pujari whenever you wanted.

Adhyatam has been able to bring a new term - e-Religion. So now all our religious needs can be fulfilled online & thats what Adyantam aims for. Started by Ajay Goyal from BITS Pilani, Adhyatam also provides live telecast to online puja. And they seems to have gone into details so there is not one or two types of puja available but 64 different types at different rates. Further you can book your pooja by pandit or generically.

Though i liked the concept and it surely is extremely innovative i have a feeling that this will take us further apart from our religion. Its like going through an Online MBA - There's no bonus points in answering which one is better online MBA or the normal one, same ways how much successful Adhyatam can be will depend on how much flexible the audience is. What do you think, is it a good idea?

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