creADivity set to be Launched: Partners with TiE

creADivity is all set to be launched worldwide on 1st Oct'2008 00:00 hrs and has partnered with TiE to provide advertising and creative support to TiE Entrepreneurial Summit 2008. i-Startups which would be covering the complete TiE Entrepreneurial Summit was told that creADivity will be providing all creative support and hence would provide a great opportunity to registered creatives on creADivity. The competitions and pitch preparation will begin after the launch of creADivity portal.

creAdivity is a TiE Entrepreneur Startup and has recently been selected in TATA - NEN Hottest Startups after winning TiE EAP in July.

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TiE Entrepreneurship Summit

The TiE Entrepreneurship is back & this time its happening in Bangalore from December 16 to 18 2008.

The summit focusses on arming entrepreneurs with shields to meet the global challenges. The planning for the event is underway and it is expected to be attended by around 1500 people including VCs, Startups, Entrepreneurs and some of the biggest names in corporate world. The event has already been able to get sponsorship from KPMG, Infosys, ICICI Bank etc. and the list of speakers include Prof C K Prahlad, Charu Sharma, R Gopalakrishnan, J P Solomon, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Nandan Nilekani, Naren Gupta and many others.

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Drishti launches DACX Ameyo - Communications suite for Contact Centers and Enterprises

Drishti launches comprehensive communications suite for emerging contact centers and enterprises. The SOA and MDA based technology platform offers telco-grade reliability, high scalability, rapid application development, deployment flexibility along with multi-tenancy capabilities.

Gurgaon, 24 September, 2008 – Drishti-Soft Solutions, a leading provider of communications solutions, announces the launch of an innovative communications suite for contact centers and enterprises. After the huge success of its flagship product DACX Contact Center Suite that has made Drishti a market leader, Drishti has launched a cutting-edge communications solution – DACX Ameyo.

DACX Ameyo is an all-in-one communication suite for enterprises offering next-generation information and communications management capabilities including ACD, IP-PBX, CTI, IVR, Predictive dialer, Voice Logger, Presence, Sales Management, Customer Care, and Reporting. It specifically boasts of its custom communication flows with application integration and collaboration capabilities across multiple media (Voice, Video, Chat, SMS, E-mail).

DACX Ameyo has been designed with a view to offer innovative business packages, on Hosted (SaaS), On-Premise and hybrid models, as per specific needs of enterprises with processes and business models across different verticals such as Telecom, BFSI, Healthcare, Travel and Hospitality. This approach empowers Contact Centers and Enterprises to extract the most from their technology while keeping their technology costs manageable. They can pick-n-choose the best package in terms of price-performance proposition and add on more capabilities as they grow.

Based on new age technologies and concepts like SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture), Drishti's patent pending ComponentService™ framework offers high availability by eliminating single point of failure while processing events and messages in a real-time environment in an enterprise communication system. DACX Ameyo ensures telco-grade reliability at a software level that is difficult to achieve in conventional setups. "Such capabilities have allowed us to innovate further and bring to our customers rich functionalities that empower them to be more agile and adaptable to their changing business environments, "says Nayan Jain, CTO at Drishti. He further elucidates, "MDA enables us to develop new functionalities and capabilities in record time using simple drag and drop interface. It helps us cut back on coding time as well as development costs, the benefits of which are passed on to our customers."

Some of the benefits that DACX Ameyo offers to businesses are -

• Ability to better meet changing business requirements

• Telco-grade reliability in software with distributed architecture

• Lower hardware and technology investments

• Ability to leverage existing applications and infrastructure

• Ability to integrate with communication infrastructure (telephony/data network) and business applications (CRM, HRMS, MIS, CMS) to build composite applications that can be administered and managed centrally

• Flexible business offerings for On-premise, Distributed sites, as well as hosted (SaaS) setups.

Leveraging SOA and open standards, the web-enabled solution facilitates application collaboration and integration. This enhances information flow across different departments and system entities across the enterprise leading to a seamless communications experience.

By providing actionable business intelligence with parameters like Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), management can spend time on improving productivity rather than wasting bandwidth on escalations and internal negotiations. This is critical to improve workforce throughput and operational efficiencies that ultimately impact the bottom - and top-line of the organization.

Moreover the enterprises can leverage their existing applications or systems and do away with the costly maintenance and software upgrades. DACX Ameyo runs on industry-grade, commercial-off-the-shelf servers and does not need expensive legacy gateways, cards, etc. With its all-in-one approach DACX Ameyo also minimizes dependence on third-party applications and tools.

DACX Ameyo has already been recognized with technology awards such as IP Contact Center Technology Pioneer Award 2008 and Member's Choice Award 2008. It has been successfully powering business processes at Motilal Oswal Securities Limited (a leading financial advisory firm), Damas (a global brand in jewellery and watch collection) and many other reputed organizations.

About DACX Ameyo

DACX Ameyo is an all-in-one communications suite that offers holistic contact management capabilities for contact centers and enterprises.The IP-based communications solution provides interaction management features such as multi-site, need-based and skill-based routing, self- and assisted-service, multimedia integration (Email, SMS, chat, Fax), IP-PBX/PBX call processing with voicemail and call recording, outbound capability with predictive dialing, ACD with multimedia queuing, IVR with Communication flow Designer, CTI, Quality Monitoring, Collaboration capabilities (Unified Messaging, Presence Management, Conferencing) and Cradle-to-Grave Reporting.Tools such as the Ticketing system and Notification & Reminders can be effortlessly integrated with other back office applications to increase process efficiency levels.For more information, visit

About Drishti

Drishti is a leading provider of Contact Center Software & Enterprise Communications Solutions. Drishti's award-winning flagship offering – DACX Contact Center Suite has been a huge success in India and Philippines within a span of two years. Drishti creates innovative Communications technologies for the next-generation Enterprises, empowering them to dynamically manage their Business Processes. Drishti's customers enjoy significant benefits in terms of increase in efficiency levels, reduction in operational costs, flexibility to grow, consistent user experience and a demonstrable ROI.Drishti's innovative solutions are running successfully at more than 200 client locations across India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Dubai and US as recognized by the three awards IP Contact Center Technology Awards 2008, Member's Choice Award 2008 (Best ACD/Switch, Best in Class Overall Category Winner - Best Outbound Solution and Highly Recommended Best After Sales Support) and BPONews Best Contact Center Solution 2007.

Daily Dump

Now dump was the last thing you could have imagined to have a startup coming. Yes, Daily Dump as the name suggests is about composting of the kitchen dump and hence convert all that dump to high quality compost. So what was a natural process is now becoming mechanical but then composting through natural processes takes a lot of time and not as efficient a method as what Daily Dump proposes. Started by some 5 people today Daily Dump has a big list of names in the team section. Last year Daily Dump got nominated for INDEX Awards 2007 for improving the quality of life. Poonam the lady behind the startup is a NID graduate and calls herself Compostwali - now thats surely a innovative designation :)

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creADivity nominated in Tata NEN Hottest Startups list

After winning the illustrious TiE EAP award in July, creADivity is back with nomination in Tata NEN HottestStartups list. Though still not ranked, creADivity aims to be listed in top 50 startups of the year. So if by any chance you feel creADivity deserves to be in the list vote for it at


We have seen so many startups on food and beverages but atleast i never thought there was scope of coming up with a venture focussing on only fresh cane juice in different flavors. So if you are looking at having fresh cane juice in mint flavor, or in lemonade flavor Cane-O-La is the place for it. Started in Bangalore they also take orders for parties and have around 5 outlets in Bangalore. Surprisingly it gets around 1500 customers per outlet per month which surely is a huge number.

And trust me on this, they do give some really nice flavored juices and most importantly cane juice has always been given road side raising question on cleanliness, but Cane-O-La is extremely well managed and neat and clean. I have been to there outlet in Jayanagar Bangalore three years back and it was a nice experience.

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The first line i read about this was "Seeking God's blessings in a new age way"! So now God has also gone up the value chain and started giving blessings the new way! :)

But a really nice startup for designer pooja kits which are further customized for every festival. With more than 8 pooja kits for festivals like Diwali, Holi, Ganpati etc. Blessingz has been able to cater to all religious requirements. The concept is similar to Occasionz and only differentiator is the price and so called value & quality. But considering that there's space for many more, Blessingz is at the right place at the right time. It has been able to rack up profits of around 16 L in last year and has more than 50 customers in its client list.

Started by Prakash Mundhra, masters from Symbiosis, it surely is an innovative idea. To know more hit


Cute Name!

And yeah so is the startup. Peek-A-Boo designs customized things for kids (so a further split down on ASAP). Peek-A-Boo designs stuff like curtains, blinds, sheers, tie backs, cushion covers etc. So all in all the startup will design your house as per your needs!

As ASAP, this is again started by another lady - Garima Agarwal. Garima who landed in Chennai after her marriage started this in Feb 2005 and today her startup is one of the top 50 startups in TATA-NEN Coolest startup.

Seems like customization and niche are the key words!!To know more hit

creADivity: All set to be launched

creADivity, an online advertising and marketing portal, after having a successful beta phase is all set to be launched on 11th Sept. creADivity has been able to attract decent number of creatives in last few months and have gone ahead and signed their first few clients as well. Over and above that, creADivity was selected amongst the top startups in TiE Enterpreneurial Accelerated Program - which surely is a matter of pride.

Already on job, creADivity has started competitions through its blog and is getting tremendous response from creatives and business buyers. Building on the success, creADivity gets launched on 9-11 with a strengthened team and stronger focus to make it "The most creAtive company in the world".