Bamboo House India

Moving away from the commercial ventures, Bamboo House is a venture started with an intention of providing livelihood to rural artisans and craftsmen in the bamboo sector. Bamboo house provides a platform for buying & selling bamboo products and hence helping many Indian farmers survive. Bamboo House also provides training and support to the craftsmen and by creating market and awareness provides them with a platform to sell. The products include furniture, curtains, carvings etc - all made by Bamboo! Started by Prashant Lingam Bamboo House had NMBA-CII-APTDC-IIT(D)-AP Forest Dept funding an exclusive bamboo showroom in Hyderabad and IL&FS & TBM agreeing to support marketing initiatives of Bamboo House. To read more hit


kaustubh said...

hey manik, appreciate your efforts to provide information of start-ups in India. How about a review of a start-up to bolster other start-ups

I trust that you will take my request into consideration:)

Kaustubh Shinde

manik1383 said...

sure kaustubh..will check your venture and post accordingly

sell my house said...

Bamboo house of India.cottage made by bamboo so I like it.It is very important for rural people because they are poor.
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