Interview with Founder & CEO - Management Paradise

1. Brief us about the value proposition of Management Paradise and how it is different from other MBA forums like PG or CoolAvenues?

Management Paradise like PG and CoolAvenues is a community. If you ask me, PG's expertise lies in Helping students crack CAT, Coolavenue's expertise lies in bschool related news, while MP has a strong foundation in helping students in their research reports. So if a person is confused about what he should include in his report on "Venture Capital", he logs on to MP and puts up a help request, he gets help on it and after completing his project he posts that report on the forum. Now another student doing the same research will use it as a reference point and build on it. Our TG started from BMS, we expanded into MBA. After finding that the market for Banking and Insurance has become lucrative, we spearheaded it with Priyanka Pisat TYBBI student and Founder for our BBI forum on our side. Our vision is simple, to make MP a resource so powerful that every person who has interest in Management Education, regardless of whether he has secured admission in a bschool or not, can become as proficient by learning from others experiences. And all this without any pressure on his/her pocket.

2. Since when has Management Paradise being in existence and what all were the problems you faced in building it up?

Management Paradise has been in existence since Nov 2004. It all began when I was studying in SYBMS. I had a strong urge to do something big, to change the way things worked and to better the education system. With this in mind I founded MP which flourished with the help of many like minded people.There were a lot of problems in the beginning because technologically challenged professors do not understand that the web is all about sharing information. If there was not sharing of information, the internet wouldnt be such big a thing. So while a few spread bad PR about the forum in the beginning, the same were found asking me to refer students to them for coaching classes after the forum showed signs of success.The forum is still misunderstood by many as a place from where they can just copy paste project reports but most of the members know that its an ocean of information about management education, a double edged sword that can be used either way.Getting people when you arent making enough monetary gains to pay them and expecting the same amount of commitment and passion has been one more challenge but i'm lucky to have found some gems that have stood with me like pillarstones.

3. Besides you who all are inolved in setting up of Management Paradise and brief us about the profiles of Founders?

Management Paradise the concept was my brainchild, and was founded by me. Though as days went by a lot many people joined MP and worked voluntarily for it. Many people have worked with me in the past 4 years though Key people include.

Bhavin Mehta : Marketing Head and Administrator, the stallion, pursuing his MBA from UTS, Sydney, Australia.
Nilesh Nagdev: Head Forum Moderator and content developer, is trying to crack the CAT
Nikhil Gadodia: Human Resource Head works full time with a media house as senior HR manager.
Vishal Bhawsinghka: Head Public Relations and is pursuing his MBA from XLRI which has been sponsored by accenture where he is undergoing training.
Pratik Mehta: person who Co-authored 2 books for tybms students under the MP publication umbrella is pursuing his MBA from Lala Lajpatrai
Kartik Raichura: Founder and CEO, is juggling with his MBA at Welingkars and managing this brilliant team that is commited to revolutionize management education.

Every leader needs followers and its only fair that I mention other potential leaders in MP which include Roshni Bhatia, Deepak Khanna, Melroy Lopes, Rahul Parab, Rohan Kachalia and Fatima Khan who played key roles to take MP reach where it is today.

4. Any messages you would like to give to young enterprenaurs?

YOU are always right. The world might not be ready for your innovations, you might be considered a wannabe , a whacko, your ideas might be laughed or frowned upon but the only thing you need to know is, if you truly feel that YOUR idea is going to help change lives, then there is nothing that should stop you from giving it your best shot. Your passion will drive your team achieve excellence. There is NO right or wrong in this world. Everything is relative which is why you should never shy away from experimenting.

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