IIM A alumni sells vegetables in Bihar

Yes, I am sure the heading made you sit up.

27-year-old Kaushalendra, an IIM A alumni has a dream of making Bihar a Vegetable hub and has put in the first steps to realize his dream. He launched the private - public venture about a couple of months ago with assistance from Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA) with just one pushcart and has now gone on to place an order for 50 more carts, thanks to a collateral-free loan of Rs 50 lakh from Punjab National Bank. with more than 300 farmers associated with him in his venture, he is all set to bring vegetables from Bihar on every Indian dinning table and who knows 5 years down the line this might become a global phenomenon. and thats what he wants to target - "In five years, we would like to target the vegetable markets in the US, Europe and Japan," Kaushalendra says

He has brought in a new concept of the pushcarts being used for selling vegetable - Ice cooled vegetable push carts - providing fresh vegetables to the buyers. With electronic weighing machines and a cashmemo authenticating the quality and quantity of vegetables, he has been able to touch the pulse of Indian buyers.

"I am not only selling vegetables, but also the name of the farmer and the village where it has been grown. The farmer should not remain an unsung hero any more," he says pointing at the tag on the vegetables which has the mention of the name of the farmer and his village.

Amongst the many innovative startups that i have mentioned on my blog over the past few months, this seems to be the most innovative and most courageous of the lot.

I am sure Lalu Prasad Yadav would be sitting proudly seeing his native Bihar creating waves.


Aarushi Sangwan said...

Indeed a very interesting post!