creADivity set to be Launched: Partners with TiE

creADivity is all set to be launched worldwide on 1st Oct'2008 00:00 hrs and has partnered with TiE to provide advertising and creative support to TiE Entrepreneurial Summit 2008. i-Startups which would be covering the complete TiE Entrepreneurial Summit was told that creADivity will be providing all creative support and hence would provide a great opportunity to registered creatives on creADivity. The competitions and pitch preparation will begin after the launch of creADivity portal.

creAdivity is a TiE Entrepreneur Startup and has recently been selected in TATA - NEN Hottest Startups after winning TiE EAP in July.

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Tamoghna said...

Wish u all the best.. sure u guys wl shun the paath of creativity